What is Sanitisation? – Who is it for?

Sanitisation refers to the process of removing pathogenic microorganisms (bacteria and viruses) that can pose a health risk. An untidy environment is the ideal breeding ground for these microorganisms which can cause anything from a minor cold to more serious complications like asthma.

BETRAN can provide a robust sanitization service to eliminate the risk of infection in your home or office. We clean surfaces that are prone to harbour these bacteria and viruses and offer expert advice on how to keep your home clean and safe.

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What is Fumigation – Who Needs it?

Fumigation is a pest control technique that involves introducing gaseous pesticides (fumigants) to kill unwanted pests in a particular environment. It can be applied in the interior as well as exterior environments and can be useful in eliminating pests that attack a physical structure (wood termites and wood borers).

Fumigation works for everyone, whether in a residential, commercial, or industrial setting. If you notice the presence of any pests around your office or home, a professional fumigation service is just what you need! 

Local insecticides might only offer a temporary solution, but specialists such as BETRAN can provide lasting solutions, including advice on how to prevent a recurrence.

Are You Tired of Sharing Your Home with Pests and Germs?


BETRAN provides comprehensive fumigation and sanitization services geared towards eliminating germs, bacteria, viruses, and unwanted pests (rats, snakes, cockroaches, mosquitoes, wall geckos e.t.c.) in/around the home. Our services can be tailored to each client’s specifications, offering minimal disruption without compromising on quality.

By using traditional baiting methods alongside modern equipment and techniques such as germicidal ULV fogging, we eliminate infectious pathogens and unwanted pests around your home or office. On your premises, our certified technicians can clean and sanitize high-traffic areas such as taps, handrails, trash lids, toilet flush handles, armrests, and door handles. We can complete one-off projects and also offer scheduled fumigation or sanitization exercises according to your needs, saving you valuable time and money.