We offer a variety of fumigation/sanitation services to make your home and work premises safer. Fumigating, sanitising, and anti-viral misting in retail shops, hotels, schools, restaurants, factories, hospitals, airports, and other institutions are all part of our efforts to help prevent germs from invading your space.

  • Office Fumigation/Sanitisation in Abuja

Our office sanitisation services in Abuja will help you fulfil your legal obligations as an employer. We have a variety of infection prevention procedures customised to your business’s needs, from sanitising surfaces to fogging and disinfecting the air.

Our workplace sanitisation services ensure that your facilities are free of contaminants such as bacteria and viruses that might harm your customers or employees.

Simply book a time that is convenient for you if the office needs to remain open during business hours. As part of our cleaning procedure, we make sure that our employees are dressed appropriately for the job.

  • Residential Fumigation/Sanitisation in Abuja

Your home, no matter how clean it is, is still a breeding ground for bacteria. Cleaning surfaces with soap and water isn’t enough when there are millions of bacteria and germs lingering around the house. BETRAN offers sanitation services that guarantee residents’ safety.

We provide a cost-effective range of professional services, including virucide-based fogging solutions to fumigate and disinfect all areas of your Abuja home/office.

Our home fumigation/sanitisation services in Abuja attack germs and unwanted pests while complying with health safety guidelines. It also prevents surface spores, dust mite faeces, nit particles, and organic dirt from contaminating each other.

Allow our professional staff to sanitise all surfaces in your home to keep your family and household safe. Viruses and the danger of infection are all eliminated by our customised services.

  • School Fumigation/Sanitisation in Abuja

At BETRAN, we recognise the value of hygiene in reducing the risk of infectious disease transmission in schools. We’re committed to delivering the highest quality sanitisation services for schools around Abuja; creating a safe and conducive learning environment for children.

CERTIFIED Fumigation and Disinfection Services for Schools in Abuja!

Our fumigation and disinfection service for schools comes with duly signed certificates from AMAC (Abuja Municipal Council Authority). This is proof of our dedication to the right process and complying with relevant health and safety regulations.

  • Hotel Fumigation/Sanitisation in Abuja

We provide hotel fumigation/sanitisation services including fogging and disinfecting your floors, offices, hallways, and other areas of your building to curb the spread of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens. Each room will be sanitised, and any contaminated surfaces will be disinfected.

Our staff is well trained to not only clean your hotel’s rooms but also to eliminate bed bugs and other pests, as well as to keep surfaces sterile for both customers and employees. You can be certain that your hotel will be handled with the same integrity as a 5-star hotel thanks to the processes our cleaners employ and the products we use.

  • Restaurant Fumigation/Sanitisation in Abuja

We offer fumigation/sanitisation services for restaurants, bars, and kitchens throughout Abuja. You can rest assured that all surfaces will be cleaned with antibacterial detergents and powerful fogging equipment to kill unwanted pests.

We work towards providing affordable services; our service delivery is tailored to your budget, giving you a hygienic environment for less.

  • Hospital Fumigation/Sanitation in Abuja

Our services cover hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities. We provide treatments that keep the area clean and minimise the risk of infection for your staff and patients. We can sanitise equipment, exposed surfaces and high touch point areas with several potent virucides.

  • Factory Fumigation/Sanitisation in Abuja

We also have clients in large factories and warehouses throughout Abuja. We can fumigate the premises and sanitise equipment to eliminate bacteria and make your workspace that much safer.

Contact us today and get a free quote to find out how much you can save with our services in Abuja.